A collection of 1111 unique algorithmically generated Sol Dogs living on the Solana blockchain

What is Sol Dog Club?

"A celebration of life"

Sol Dog Club is a collection of 1111 unique 2D Non-Fungible Tokens minted on the Solana blockchain.
Established on 23rd February, 2022, Sol Dog Club focuses on community building and inclusivity. A club where people understand and respect the value of life, plant or animal, above anything else.

Join the club and channel your biggest strengths with the members of Sol Dog Club!

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Our Animal Shelter

In 1999, the Bahukhandi family decided to go through their society and adopt all the dogs that needed food, love and shelter. Thus, began our family. By the year 2001, a non-profit organisation named "People for Animals" started construction in Dehradun for animal shelter to provide aid to injured/sick animals. Now called (meaning comfort in Hindi), the shelter continues to provide food and shelter for animals.

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The legendary story of the creation of Sol Dog Club
23rd February, 2022
21 dogs were not enough.
Bahu decided to use her evil genius to create  a cloning machine to generate more Sol Dogs
2nd March, 2022

Phase 0✨

Started Whitepaper for 'Sol Dog Club' project📝

Planning of artwork (Types of attributes, rarity in attributes, etc) 🎨
4th March, 2022
150+ attributes are digitally hand-drawn on procreate🖌

Dev work to create NFT generator code.
1,111 Sol dogs are generated along with their metadata🔗
8th March, 2022
Sol Dog Club is LIVE on Discord, Twitter & Instagram
28th March, 2022

Phase 1✨

Launch collection and mint 1,111 Sol Dogs ready to be adopted🚀
2 months later

Phase 2✨

Sol Pup
: Breeding Project 🐶 🍼

Sol Dog : A DAO platform for staking your Sol Dogs

-Staking 🔒

🔥Exclusive Sol Dog Clubs🔥

- Celestial Sol Dog Club 👼🏻
- Country Sol Dog Club 🤠
- Stoner Sol Dog Club 🍃
- Coder Sol Dog Club 💻
- Glam Sol Dog Club 💄


Each NFT is algorithmically generated using 150+ unique digitally hand drawn traits across different categories - Fur, Expressions, Outfits, and Accessories.

These attributes are of 3 types

Extremely Rare


Bahu is a 21 year old full-stack developer with an enthusiastic streak for Web 3.0 and its features. Former Google developer, Bahu completed her bachelor's degree in Physics in 2021, after which she pursued her career in computer science. (Tap the image to reveal)
Apart from being a coder, she's a gamer, a sportswoman, and a mother to 21 dogs. She likes to spend her free time either learning a new skill or teaching science and mathematics to underprivileged children.

Sol Dog Club is an extension for her love for life and knowledge, both of which she values with high regard.

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Arjun is a full-stack developer from Bangalore, currently working for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE).
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Apart from being a coding wizard, he's a guitarist, an A-grade gamer  and a father to his Maltese, Flash. He's a humanitarian who loves stand-up comedy, being a master in it himself. His hobbies include playing basketball  and following Formula 1 racing.

He likes to spend his free time giving back to the society in any way possible, from vaccination drives to breast-cancer awareness programs

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Social Media Manager

Abhishree is a Sociology major from New Delhi, currently pursuing her master's degree from AUD, New Delhi.
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Apart from being a student, she's a trained classical dancer and a best friend to her Shih-Tzu, Boozy. She's an animal lover who also loves connecting with people 1-on-1.

Her hobbies include photography, painting from her heart and music . When she's not studying or crafting, she likes to spend her time volunteering in plantation drives and volunteering at the children's orphanage which has continued for the last 10 years.

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How many Sol Dogs will be available for purchase?

1,111 Sol Dog NFTs will be available

When is the mint of Sol Dog Club scheduled?

The mint is scheduled for 28th march, 2022

How much will a Sol Dog cost?

Each Sol Dog is worth 0 SOL

How can I adopt my Sol Dog?

The collection will be available for sale on Sol Dog Club website. You can connect your Phantom wallet to mint/adopt a Sol Dog



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